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David Pepper (Alumni 2013-2016)

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My name is David Pepper.  I'm an eleven year old boy.  I have two older sisters, one older brother.  I'm the youngest kid of the four children.  When my sisters have time I like to play card games with them.  I also like to talk to them about school.  I also like to play Xbox with my brother.  In my free time I like to play football.  Football gets my energy out because it tires me out from running. My favorite part about football is the tackling.  I love when  I get in the back field, and sack the quarterback.  I also like to be corner because I can intercept the ball.  That is what I like to do in my free time.  Other things I like to do is to play soccer.  I'm on a soccer team, and my team only lost 2 games out of eight.  When I play soccer I like to run. Since I'm on a track team I am condition to run back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. I'm also good at making goals.  When I play other  teams they have really good  spots men sip.  Other sport I like to do is to play basketball. Basketball is a good sport for me because I like to be able to shoot from faraway because I have long arms.  Since I am tall I'm always getting fouls because when they go for lay ups I knock them down.  There are two thing I like to do with sister Jazzylyn,  is to talk Turkish with her. We will talk Turkish whenever.  For instance, we did it when my brother was talking , and were mimicking him.  We also do it when we don't want other people to know what we are saying.  The second thing I like to do is to draw. I'm always drawing pictures for my family. My sister is always asking me to draw her a realistic flower or a turtle.  I also just do it to entertain myself when I'm bored.   Or when I want to do it for fun.  I'm David Pepper and I told you what I like to do for fun.  I said draw, speaking Turkish, playing card games, playing football. I am an elevan year old boy, and I explained what I like to do in my free time.

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