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Mariela Hollines (Alumni 2013-2016)

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Mariela Isabel Sepulveda Hollines. (Alumni 2013-2016)  I was born in Denver, Colorado.   I have two parents named Maria Sepulveda and Harry Hollines (but I call them Mami and Papi) and a brother named Javier ( I call him Javi).  My moms side of the family is from Puerto Rico. On my dad's side I'm the third generation born in Denver.  I speak a little Spanish but I mostly can understand it. Also, I've taken 3 years of French in school.

I grew up in Cherry Hills Village since I was two. I went to Cherry Hills Village Elementary School from kindergarten to 5th grade.  I started Irish Dancing when I was 7 until I was 13.  When I was 10 I started playing tennis and I've loved it ever since.  In 5th grade one of my most loving mentors passed away, my grandfather on my moms side.  This was hard for me and I still miss him very much.  Currently, I go to Cherry Creek High school.  I still play tennis and I'm in 9th grade. I'm in Junior Honors Society in school.  This club has students with high grades that do community work.  I also, dance Puerto Rican dancing called Bomba. In February, I started track and I really enjoy it.

In the future I have many plans.  I want to go through high school with all A's in all honors classes.  Also I want to go to Stanford University for college.  I'm not exactly sure what I want to be when I grow up.  I sort of want to be a teacher but I'm not sure yet.  I would also like to run some track meets to see how much I like it.

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